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Identify your power within and elevate your technique.

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Discover powerful, eye-opening strategies for business and personal success. Get exclusive, personalized coaching and begin your transformation today. 

Life Spark is partners with the #1 leadership and management expert in the world, John Maxwell Team.

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How Life Spark Consulting Can Help You

Lifespark's services are comprised of 3 core focus areas:

Mindset Coaching

Are you ready to live the life you really want? Get resources, insights and interactive coaching from Life Spark Consulting.

Whether you desire to have more clients, land a big proposal, script a presentation, or take purposeful action towards your personal goals, we can work together to think into the results you want to create.

Entrepreneurial Success

With Life Spark you will uncover key fundamentals that enable you to create and maintain the business you desire. 

Reach your business goals – no matter how impossible they may seem!

Corporate Coaching

Building a team or restructuring your company? Great leadership is at the foundation of transformation. Leadership sets the tone for increased morale and improved performance; ultimately improving results. That is our area of focus and expertise. Learn how Life Spark can facilitate in improving performance overall.

Personal Development

Working with LSPK is about leveraging the power of your mind, implementing it at a much higher level in your business and personal life.  If you're serious about overcoming the challenges and obstacles currently getting in the way of greater success you must be willing to be open-minded enough to new ideas and a very different way of thinking that is counter intu­itive to what you have currently assumed to be true about yourself, your business and your potential.

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See what people are saying about their Life Spark Consulting Experiences:

Corporate Coaching

Our management team has been energized by Ken Wallace's leadership classes. I have provided our Supervisors with an opportunity for leadership training during a once a month lunch and learn session. As a government organization I felt the need to expose our supervisors to different ways of approaching managing our team.

Blair Williams



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